Protecting St. Charles County Values

Why a Steamboat?

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The steamboat is an iconic St. Charles County symbol. Steamboats played a critical role in the development and growth of our county, our state and our nation. 


St. Charles County is bound by both the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Steam boating up these rivers was an important part of westward expansion. People and goods were moved up the rivers beginning in the early 1800’s and continuing for over one hundred years.


Today the steamboats are gone, but St. Charles County is still growing and moving forward. In fact, St. Charles County is the fastest growing county in the State of Missouri. People choose to live here, raise their families here and work here for very good reason.


Honoring our history. Steaming forward into our future. Protecting St. Charles County values. Help keep St. Charles County steaming ahead. Vote for Chris McDonough, Republican for St. Charles County Associate Circuit Judge. A vote for Chris is a vote to protect St. Charles County values.


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