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Protecting St. Charles County Values

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Letter from Chris to St. Charles County Voters

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I am running for St. Charles County Associate Circuit Judge in 2020. I ask for your vote, your prayers and your support.
As citizens of St. Charles County, we have a direct say in maintaining the integrity of our state courts because we elect our judges. St. Charles County voters take this responsibility seriously. We have been blessed with many excellent judges over the years - honest, ethical, hard-working and decent people who are passionate about preserving the constitutional pillars upon which our great nation stands. Our judges must be faithful to the Constitution, respect the rule of law, fair to all, and protect the values that make our country, state and county great. It is important that we continue our longstanding tradition of electing well-qualified, honest, ethical, hard-working judges to the St. Charles County Circuit Court. With your support, I will do my part to keep St. Charles County moving in the right direction.
We all choose to live in St. Charles County because it is a special place. We have a good thing going here. We know it. We're proud of it. We want to protect it. We cherish our history. We are optimistic about our future. We value safe neighborhoods, our rich faith traditions, our families and our freedom. We pray. We respect God's greatest gift - human life. We protect our children. We look out for our neighbors. We have excellent schools. We treasure our senior citizens. We work hard. We obey the law and expect others to do the same. We do not tolerate crime. We love our country. We stand for Old Glory. We say the Pledge of Allegiance. We honor our service members and veterans. We back our law enforcement officers and first responders. We revere the Constitution. We believe everyone is equal in the eyes of the law.
Our courts are the guardians of these values. Our judges must be well-qualified, have the right temperament to serve, and be fully committed to protecting our St. Charles County values. I am a municipal judge, lawyer, former prosecutor, former police officer, a small business owner, a husband and father. I have the judicial experience, the right judicial temperament, and I am deeply committed to protecting all of the things that make St. Charles County great.  
My wife, Robin, and I have been proud to call St. Charles County home for 25 years. Robin is a former teacher in the Wentzville School District. We've been blessed with two terrific sons, who both attended St. Joseph School in Cottleville and St. Dominic High School in O'Fallon. We couldn't have picked a better place to raise our kids. I know what it takes to protect the St. Charles County values we hold so dear. I am running for St. Charles County Associate Circuit Judge because I want to continue serving the community we all love. With your vote, your prayers and your support, I will do everything I can to preserve and protect our values as your Associate Circuit Judge. That is my commitment to you.